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it means shit in arabic
"that ugly khara is so disgusting"
by rena December 10, 2003
a bitch in arabic and also means a smut. that be everywhere and always out like a "tashasha"
that sharmoota likes everyone and is always with a new guy everyday"
by rena December 10, 2003
arabic word. it means pretty girl
"it tryin to holla at that hilwa right there"
by rena December 10, 2003
To dodge every single attack or projectile that has been directed towards you.
* Demamas attacks Rena with A GIANT FLAMING SPATULA
* Rena dodges like Kerok.
by Rena December 29, 2003
to be stoned off marijuana
"Robert and I got so bombed last night"
by rena May 06, 2005
A busty female about 5'2. Usually has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.
"Rena you're name doesnt rhyme with anything so we're going to call you Renis."
"You know what? Rena is a boring name, from now on you are Renis."
by Rena March 10, 2005
a person i love.
sexy person.
I love Andreas.
damn, this guy is off!
by rena July 26, 2004

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