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To hold onto something for too long when you are supposed to pass it on.
Oh sorry didn't mean to bogart the pipe. Here.
by Naomi December 25, 2004
1. to greedily covet something to the point of paranoia, even when among friends;
2. to knowingly and covertly attempt to consume a larger share of the communal weed than is proper, at the expense of one's homeboys/girls.


Refers to characteristics displayed by the actor Humphrey Bogart in his portrayal of Fred Dobbs in the 1948 motion picture, 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.' Dobbs is selfish and distrustful of his friends and attempts to hoard for himself the gold that he and his companions discover while prospecting in Mexico.
In the movie, Bogart's character, Dobbs, and his two prospecting buddies strike gold! The minute they do, however, Dobbs becomes super greedy, selfish, and paranoid. When he is the one selected to go into town for supplies, he freaks out:

Dobbs: Why am I elected to go to the village? Why me instead of you and Curtin? Oh, don't think I don't see through that. You two've thrown in against me. The two days I'd be gone would give you plenty of time to discover where my goods are, wouldn't it?

Later, they're sitting around a campfire after having split up the gold from their claim. Dobbs is off the reservation at this point and convinced the other two are planning to take his share after he falls asleep:

Dobbs: Let's see, three times 35 - is a hundred and five. I'll bet you 105,000 dollars that you go to sleep before I do...

He is threatening to kill them and take their gold if they fall asleep. In other words, he is bogarting the shit out of that gold.
by dannybegs October 29, 2013
To keep a spliff to oneself to oneself, especially while hanging from your mouth. From actor Humphrey Bogart's trademark cigarettes, held in lips or hand, but rarely actually smoked.
Hey, Bogart! Pass the joint.
by Phil Nurse September 05, 2003
holding onto a joint or cigarette for far too long, ur pulling a bogart/chelsea bro
by cheli0s March 30, 2014
(vb) to be pushy, or forceful.
There was no foreseeable break in the traffic, so I had to bogart my way in line.
by markbl July 15, 2011
noun- "a treacherous nigga"

From the 1974 blaxploitation classic "Black Belt Jones," drug kingpin Pinky hires "a couple of bogarts" from " 'Frisco" to collect a debt for the Don of the Italian mafia in Los Angeles.
Pinky: "You see, I got a couple of bogarts coming in from 'Frisco"

The Don: "Bogarts? What are bogarts?"

Pinky :"Treacherous niggas"
by abqcla September 03, 2010
people that have no respect of the "puff puff pass" priniciple.
man, are you going to pass that? Or are you going to just sit there and bogart the bitch all day? Be passing or smoking fool. When it's your blunt you can treat it as such.
Yo, puff puff pass and know ninja lipping. Ya heard. Got friends that drull all on yo shit? If so they should'nt be smoking anything rolled at all. Teach them to be concious of that shit. But some will never learn. Why? I have no clue. Maybe it's a salavatory gland disorder. Through the druller the roach. I know it's hard when it's someone you respect, but you can't even get a smooth direct charge when the paper is all soggy. And on top of that, they don't even pass the shit after hitting it twice. Some people have no shame, none. Just don't resort to harsh words or violence. They are'nt worth your time. "They", being the fucking druller and bogarters. Damn them all to hell. Alright that's a little harsh.
by JFizzle my nizzles April 12, 2007