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Partial fecal emission. Imminent defecatory state; notably, the inability to entirely retain the foremost portion of ones bowel movement.
Bill needed to find a toilet immediately because he was already "prairie dogging" it.
by Shuttleworth July 11, 2003
A length of hose, tubing, etc... used to siphon gasoline.
Monica sucked on one end of an Oklahoma credit card to start the gas flowing into her can.
by Shuttleworth July 10, 2003
Heinously unkempt mound o' pubic hair to the point that it looks as if the bitch has got a scissor lock on Buckwheat.
There once was a Queen from Bulgaria,
Whose "BUSH" had grown hairier and hairier
Until a prince from Peru,
Who came down for a screw,
Had to hunt for her cunt with a terrier.
by Shuttleworth July 10, 2003
To take more than one's turn. To take an extra hit off of a chronic blunt. To not pass a joint in a timely manner.
Hey, Bill Clinton... Don't Bogart the joint... You're not inhaling anyway.
by Shuttleworth July 10, 2003
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