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1. To horde a marijuana cigarette, consuming a larger portion of the sweet herb than ones smoking companions. 2. Somebody whom you dislike because they are stingy. 3. Something that is in the extreme realm of being bunk.
Dont bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me.
Dont envite him, hes a fuckin' bogart.
Dude, dont get all bogarted out cuz you lost your squirb.
by Ramidus April 23, 2003
to take, take away
Yo that dude bogarted my shit. Hes about to bogart ur shit.
by Eric Macias March 17, 2011
To steal something from someone in a shady manner. This can be applied to anything including female pursuit. Such as if a friend was about to get with a girl at a party and you dive in for the kill thus "bogarting" him of his chance with her.

Also if a scummer steals random stuff from your house at a party such as shaving cream, cups, etc.
"Man I just got bogarted hardcore, that I was just makin out with 10 minutes ago just went in the back room with some dude"
by Mr. Cox November 28, 2009
To get your way by intimidating another person or several persons.
Attempting to get your way by bluffing or intimidating.
(Cutting in line) "Hey, did you see that dude Bogart his way into the line?"
or "He came in and tried to Bogart me out of my smokes."
or "He thinks he can Bogart his way around."
by aarizonaguy April 25, 2008
I'll take care of any trouble. You see I've got a couple of Bogarts coming in from Frisco.
by Papa Byrd June 24, 2011
To falsify physics data
Hey guy, lets go behind the frat house and bogart some data.
by Seven Seas February 24, 2011
Reminder to keep things moving.
A Bogart reminder;

'Is that going square? 'Cos it's not going round.',

would warn the current person, (optionally to their left) to remember to next person.
by Sml village September 25, 2009