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A term used in the MMORPG World of Warcraft for a group of players that play Orcs, Undeads, Trolls and Taurens. these people are the counterparts to the Alliance in the game. While the alliance population is mostly made up by people who are around 12-14 year olds that usually are gankers, whiners, noobs, ninjas and perverts, the horde consists more of people of age 16 and up. The horde players are more well-behaving, friendlier and cooler than the alliance. Still, they are a minority compared to the alliance for strange reasons, but in PvP, it doesn't matter because horde still has an increased 20% chance of winning in the battlegrounds.
And the horde wins again!
by Johannes Magnusson May 28, 2006
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The only faction worth playing on World of Warcraft. There is an alternative, the Alliance, but that is only suggested if you enjoy sexual relations with farm animals.
"Why not come over and join the horde?" - Horde Player

"No thanks, I'm too busy trying to score with this goat." - Alliance Player
by Penpy August 23, 2007
1) Rampaging barbarians.
2) One of the two factions (the other being the Alliance) in World of Warcraft. Consists of three interesting tribal races, some annoyingly twee elves, and some creepy ghouls. Horde players are neither inherently more mature nor inherently more likely to gank. Commonly misjudged as the "evil" faction.
1) Watch out for the rampaging hordes of middle-schoolers.
2) No, the Horde are not "the bad guys." RTFM.
by Qit el-Remel December 27, 2007
A large group of infected from the game Left 4 Dead. Also a way of telling somebody to shut up.
Go next door and tell them that their music's too loud. They'll attract the horde!
by DryCleanOnly February 26, 2009
Horde the opposing faction to the Alliance.
Alliance: Dude why are you camping me.

Horde: Because the only way i feel good about myself is if i camp with with my 40 man Naxx raid group.

Alliance: 40 man wow dude, fail.
by Tehnovice July 31, 2009
A large faction of old men and women, many of which seem to enjoy making fun of the young "whiper snappers" that reside on the Alliance faction in the MMORPG World Of Warcraft. Also see old fart, old, ganker, emo
OMGZ! The horde are in Auberdine ganking the level 10's again! Noobs...
by Cheffy April 28, 2005
the lesser of the two factions of world of warcraft; mainly comprised of morbidly obese males aging from 25-40 typically sporting greasy pony tails and mustard stains, can usually be spotted wearing a XXXL horde shirt that is entirely too tight usually accompanied by green short shorts.
the four original races being:
Orcs: typically played by fat men and butch lesbians
Trolls: most underplayed race, only played by white rastamen
Undead: typically played by wannabe faggoths
Taurens: Furries

there is one exception to this generalization that being the blood elf race, added in burning crusade to attract flaming homosexuals to the world of warcraft it did in fact work wonders though most of said homosexuals were bi curious 12 year olds who love to whine about their problems in ventrilo
see that fat lonely guy over there eating five burritos? yeah he plays horde.

"omg guyz we can't do 10 man naxx cause i have school tomorrow and it's soooo hard"_typical horde player

"so yeah, i dressed up as a blood elf and marched in the gay pride parade today"_typical horde player
by fauxpas666 September 13, 2009

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