To take more than one's turn. To take an extra hit off of a chronic blunt. To not pass a joint in a timely manner.
Hey, Bill Clinton... Don't Bogart the joint... You're not inhaling anyway.
by Shuttleworth July 10, 2003
To take position at, or possesion of, something before it is commonly open to such.
"That TFP guy bogarted the communion rail again!"
by Greg November 25, 2004
to refuse to share, especially as referring to mary jane.
Now that the RIAA is suin all us good customers, Ima have to be a bogart with my tunes.
by Jake September 22, 2003
"bogart" has nothing to do with Humphrey Bogart. All such definitions are merely passed along out of error. At Folsom prison in California the habit of putting your arm around the food to keep others from takin it was called "bowlguarding". From Folsom it spread to other prisons and into the general population. This expression compressed to "bogart" and perfectly extended to hogging a marijuana joint. It is a prison term and much precedes the 1976 song where it first became commonly heard generally outside of California.
Don't bogart that joint, my friend.
by noiret January 05, 2010
To stop others from having or using something, being prevented.
Don't Bogart the Bog, I really have to go right now, man!!!
by Dophler October 16, 2006
to steal or to take, however the reference is made in a lightened manner
Don't bogart my chips man!
by Alex April 06, 2003
One who thinks they are god's gift to earth, but is really a creepy, goofy, loser who still lives in their moms basement. Must be 30 or older. Famous bogart: Frank "Maresca" the Entertainer. A bogart is an all around failure at life.
Look at that bogart trying to hit on that girl. Did you know he brought his mom on this cruise?
by DanMar & J. Smalls February 19, 2010

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