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A south african farmer of dutch origin that speaks afrikaans
example: Glen williams!
Glen williams is a boer.
by EEEEeeeeee August 02, 2006
White farmer in South Africa. These are the people that keep everyone alive by providing food for South Africa. Unfortunately these well respected farmers are being murdered by the blacks...this will eventually lead to the blacks and everyone else in South Africa starving to death,but they are too dumb to realize that.
Look at that boer working from early morning to late at night providing for his family. Unlike the blacks, the boer does not steal and does not bother anyone. Too bad the black people will eventually kill him for no reason.
by boeregirl January 17, 2013
The last name of a studly, amazing, and sexually attractive man. Who has an extraordinarily large penis.
Man, Mr. Boers was great last night.
by Boers August 31, 2008
1. Dutch setters in South Africa or anyone who descends from these people

2. Dramatic mis-spelling of beer
1. He's a boer.

2. Gissus a boer.
by effesce March 16, 2005
A fan of the best soccerclub in the world, PSV Eindhoven in The Netherlands, not Holland
1-voor welke club bende gij?
2-zie je dat niet? ik ben een boer
by Dr. P June 11, 2006
The Dutch word for 'farmer' (the plural is 'boeren'), in the Netherlands used by people from a big city to indicate that they consider themselves to be "better" because they live in the city.
Jake: "In the countryside they don't have cellphones."
Neil: "What a bunch of boeren!"
by Dutch and Groovy Ann October 04, 2006
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