Comonly typo when trying to key the word boner
dude what a boer
by r3L4x September 30, 2003
Etymology: Dutch for "farmer", or more importantly (and accurately), "peasant".
1: Dutch-speaking settlers of South Africa, who got p0wned by the British Army.
2: One who engages in boerish behaviour or other peasantry, such as drinking White Lightning and giving glasgow kisses to one's mates, passers-by, and other innocents.
NL: Kék uit, hé, je fucking boer!
by Stoatman August 06, 2004
1. A Dutch colonist or descendant of a Dutch colonist in South Africa.
2. A racist South African white person whot thinks the world belongs to them.
3.A white native of Cape Province (South Africa) who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans
4.An improved goat which is bred primarily for meat.
1.I went to the pub and a boer tried to punch an irish guy.

2. I went to the butcher but he was out of boer meat.
by yankee April 01, 2003
Slang for Dirty Land Jacker.
An European.
A white person who's far away from home.
A person of Dutch Ancentry who lives illegally in Africa.
Boers are planning on setting up concentration camps to exterminate the natives.
by Jamon Jamon April 27, 2007

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