It stands for Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport.
Rachel: You can't afford a boat.
Joey: I'll do whatever it takes. I'll make payments!
Rachel: It's just a buoyancy operated aquatic transport.
Joey: I want The Mr. Beaumont!
Rachel: Oh very well.
#boat #friends #phineas and ferb #the mr. beaumont #buoyancy operated #aquatic transport #boats #acronym #joey #rachel #auction #win
by FriendsFan2010 February 18, 2010
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1000 pills of ecstasy
how much for a boat?
#ecstasy #thiz #pill #roll #1000
by MDMA RDA MJL July 02, 2006
the object that andy samberg is on.
"I'm on a boat (and) its going fast (and) i've got an nautical themed, pashmina afghan"
#boat #andy #samberg #im #on #a
by andysamberg April 15, 2009
a automobile of great size
That car is a fuckin boat.
by paulie l. April 05, 2005
Noun, acronym for Bit Of A Twat.

In order to convey degree of twatness, one may use other marine vessels of varying sizes.
The range spans from "dinghy" to oil "tanker"
"Don't you think Toby is a boat?"
"Charlie can be a real ship sometimes."
#boat #twat #arrogant #egotistical #unassuming
by TheJake&CharlieSquad February 23, 2015
1. An extremely flexible word with a plethora of possible usages, similar to shit

2. Something to be amazed by... usually of poor quality, but in some circumstances may be quite excellent.

3. A name/title/nickname

4. An exclamation blurted randomly, along the same lines as Sabu, Uggaburst or Uggathought

5. The reply to any question ever answered.
In Amazement:
"Lookit d'ammouna boats...holy crap...holy shit....z'allll boats"
"Dat is coolage"
"all doze lites are boats"

As a negative:
"What a POS.. that shit is boats!"
"Fucking boathead! What a Fucked up fuckup monkey fuck!"

As a positive:
"My new car rocks man, it is totally boats!"
"Thank you a meal for the boat!!"
"I like Dat!"

As a nickname:
"Hey Boats, you comin' or what?"
"What up there Boats?"
#ug #uggaburst #uggathought #fucked up fuckup monkey fuck #shit #boathead #scooby doo #yup #sf #nq
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 23, 2008
(UK)face - Cockney Slang, "Boat Race = Face"
That girl is a goddamn fatso, but she has a lovely boat. I'd do her.
by Tizzle Sizzle June 09, 2003
another name for a full house in poker.
"Ace high flush! Pay up, bitch!"
"Not so fast, motherfucker! I've got the boat."
"Damn nigga!"
by Nicholas D October 27, 2003
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