Giving head or bop, oral sex
did she give u head, naw she gave me boat
by tomasramirez123 August 24, 2010
Abnormally large feet, or shoes.
Man, those are boats - what's your shoe size?
by Rod Brock September 24, 2005
An alternative word for girlfriend/boyfriend
That's my boat!
by Shadow of Time April 25, 2010
A vehicle that floats on water.
"I'm looking forward to riding on that big boat. Hopefully I won't get wet."
by Poncho Franzwarez December 24, 2009
Boat is a liquid form of PCP that you dip your joint into to get a crazy high.
Tim: Dude I heard Ray got arrested last night for doing boat in a motel

Fred: What a fag
by hunnydoll08 May 27, 2008
dirty, worn-out shoes that are way too long for the wearers feet
man look at those boats an his feet! lol
by robert lee johnson III February 19, 2012
Acronym B.O.A.T

Best of All time
Yo that party was boat

Yo you seen that girl? DAMNNNN
Yeah shes the boat
by J$ Phi Sig December 24, 2010

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