weed soaked in elmbalming fluid and laced with PCP. gives you scary ass trips. stay away from this shit, kids.
he was trippin after he smoked mad boat.
by ja$on December 07, 2002
Mid Atlantic slang for PCP. Primarily Washington D.C. and surrounding Virginia.
(Guy 1) let's go get a boat sack on 1st street.

(Guy 2) Aight, lets get wet!
by Astro Wet dIP SMOKER July 10, 2008
Pretty much anything you want it to mean
"so we killed this hooker the other night and a cop pulled us over. He asked what we were doing and i said boats."
by Belkis Deyanira October 21, 2007
It stands for Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport.
Rachel: You can't afford a boat.
Joey: I'll do whatever it takes. I'll make payments!
Rachel: It's just a buoyancy operated aquatic transport.
Joey: I want The Mr. Beaumont!
Rachel: Oh very well.
by FriendsFan2010 February 18, 2010
Something you say when things go your way
Mike: Dude did you just see that, i saved the J from dropping
Kyle: Boats
by Steven Fuelling January 31, 2009
Big Ole Ass and Titties. A chick who has a big ole ass and some big ole titties.
Dude, that chick at Shooters had some boats!
by Jonathan O'Neal October 29, 2005
An automobile, especially a large, vintage one of the type favored by High Tech Red Necks, like a Caddy or a deuce.
bubba: man, we need to make another beer run.
htrn: ok, we'll take my boat!
by daDebil July 25, 2004

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