Best Of All Time
"That movie was the BOAT" "Man that burger wasn't on hit nor was it on point. IT WAS THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!"
by MAR3 February 18, 2012
Another name for a penis. Like a penis a boat contains 'sea men' or 'semen'
My boat got wet last night
by JosieX October 21, 2010
Eliminate opponents by out numbering them. Zerg them to death.
We took our boat and crushed that nub.

They would have won but our boat was bigger.
by BoatCaptain June 29, 2010
Large sized shoes
I see you got a new pair of boats
by D. Casper May 05, 2009
A condom, used while having sex with loose women
I'll get a boat before I fuck that whore
by Dethbylight October 24, 2010
1. Acronym of 'Bit of a twat'.
2. Alternatively, can be used instead of 'Bit of a tit'.
"Tony Blair - What a BOAT!!"
by Neon Kampf March 19, 2009
Boat. Cockney Rhyming slang (Boat Race - face).
"That pill head was pulling boats" (pulling faces)

"Look at the boat on her/him"
by Kieran Mc July 12, 2005

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