Acronym. Boost Leak Test.

Often used on car forums specific to turbocharging and the process of checking the intake system for leaks.
If you have high idle or the car is breaking up on top and you have bad gas mileage, your next step should be a BLT.
by 'Talk July 12, 2009
The action of BUSTING one's LOAD on a pair of TATAs.
Classic use:
I want to serve her a BLT.

Contemporary Use:
Dude, I totally want to B my L on her Ts.
by Sandwitch giver July 11, 2009
A sexual act where a man ejaculates all over his partners chest. Blow your load all over someone's tits. B your L on my T's.
Hey Jaden, wanna make me a BLT later?
by Darbotron March 09, 2013
Bored Latino Today
1....Hey how are you doing today? I am a BLT :(
2.... I am a BLT( Bored Latino Today) eating a BLT( Bacon. lettuce and Tomato sub)
by Crazy Latina77 November 08, 2011
Butt Lips Teeth, if you see a hot girl you have to check if she has BLT. If she does then you can go ahead and make the move.
"That chick is hot"
"Does she have BLT?"
"Thats a negative on that one then"
by Chef Boyardeee November 07, 2011
Acronym the stand for: Borderline ‘Tard, a phrase used to describe a person with an average or above average IQ but lacks social skills or common sense.
Nikki: "Steve was banging me the other night and right before he was about to cum he started chanting “feels gooood, feels goooood, feels gooood until he busted his nut, it was such a turn-off".

John: "Fuck, he is such a BLT".
by jjmifid September 04, 2011
Blowjob Loving Twat

Used as a insult
Jack: That james is a dick
Abbie: I know! he's such a BLT
by whogivesafuck?Really? June 14, 2011

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