Blunt at Lunch Time
Me and miguel a BLT on our lunch break.
by stonia September 13, 2009
Acronym. Boost Leak Test.

Often used on car forums specific to turbocharging and the process of checking the intake system for leaks.
If you have high idle or the car is breaking up on top and you have bad gas mileage, your next step should be a BLT.
by 'Talk July 12, 2009
The action of BUSTING one's LOAD on a pair of TATAs.
Classic use:
I want to serve her a BLT.

Contemporary Use:
Dude, I totally want to B my L on her Ts.
by Sandwitch giver July 11, 2009
Biggest Loser Teammate-someone who is so overweight that she could be a contestant on the TV show.
That BLT at the dessert bar took the last of the cheesecake.
by pierre4evr June 07, 2009
Barely Legal Teen
Dude, I love it how Megan is a BLT. Thank god, I was worried about getting in trouble.
by mh40sw May 27, 2009
Big Left Tit
I was fucking your mom last night and i noticed she totally had a BLT
by DJ Esric April 03, 2009
1. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

2. Bacardi, Lime and TaB soda
1. Uhh... Yes, I'll have a BLT with olives and hold the mayo.

2. Dude, I got the lime, lets make some BLT's!

by Rael105 July 10, 2008

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