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A pre-arranged group of people who will do an activity together. Often used in MMORPG's
"Hey, are you in a premade (group)"
by Kyuti August 15, 2006
A term created by those with little to no brain power to replace the word "Organized" or "Org" as premade was found to be easier to type out or say than Org.
OMG another premade BLIZ WTF
by Talin January 09, 2007
A term used by Online Gamers always targeted at oneself meaning: 'To be premature', usually referring to premature ejaculation. Most often used in the game World of Warcraft
Rogue: "It's a premade."
Translation: "I feel so confident in our winning that I just came in my pants."
by Xenubuster August 18, 2008
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