Acronym for: Butt Legs Tits

Used to describe a woman who is very sexually stimulating in her appearance
Megan is one bangin BLT!
by Forca September 03, 2009
In reference to the Jersey B.L.T. (Big, Loud, and Tan)
Mike "The Situation"- "Hey yo Pauly look at those B.L.T.'s bro"

Pauly D- "Hell yeah bro that shit be tight!"
by BigBallsMgGoy July 12, 2011
Bearly Legal Teen....a term in reference to a teenager (mostly with girls) who becomes of age, in other words bearly turns 18yrs of age...
Guy 1- ima go have me a fresh BLT
Guy 2- Better flavor that bro
by OMGitsShadow January 18, 2011
Black like tar - meaning a person is of a very dark complexion.
'Yo, that guy so so black he's blue!'
'Yeah, he's BLT'
by gollygee! October 25, 2009
An acronym standing for "Bar Louie Thursdays", in which everyone visits Bar Louie on Thursdays after work. The purpose of the acronym is to assure unwanted guests do not overhear the conversation and arrive. This can also be used for any day of the week by replace the last letter. BLW's, would be Bar Louie Wednesdays.
"Yo! BLT's after work! BE THERE!"
by kb0521 July 15, 2009
Barely Legal Teen
Dude, I love it how Megan is a BLT. Thank god, I was worried about getting in trouble.
by mh40sw May 27, 2009
Acronym. Stands for Big Large Titties
Natasha has got a set of BLTs
by tommyg May 14, 2008

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