A sexual act involving bacon grease as lubricant for the penis. As the male is about to ejaculate, he ropes the semen onto a premade sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato (and now mayo). The female, with or without her knowledge is presented the sandwich for consumption.
Dan gave that girl a BLT. She said the mayo was a little runny.
by going_nowhere September 06, 2010
Booty Licking Time
Booty Licking Time AKA BLT

Lay on your stomach get up on your knees

have your man open you asss
and start licking BIOTCH!!!
Yum Yum!!!!
No time limit.
If you do it right I'll think about doing you next.
by Yo Momma!!!!! May 26, 2010
Big Left Tit
I was fucking your mom last night and i noticed she totally had a BLT
by DJ Esric April 03, 2009
the correct termonoligy for a Blunt when you are in an area where you can not disclose illegal activities.
Hey after work are we going to get a BLT? or Lets smoke on a BLT.
by Jamison614 May 06, 2008
Big Left Testicle or Big Long Testicle is an inherited trait that is characterized by having a slightly larger left testicle that under certain conditions "hangs" lower than the right. A hot and humid environment such as a sauna, hot-tub, or humid day will cause the left testicle to appear significantly lower(up to 3 inches) than its counterpart. While this is the obvious visible symptom of BLT it is actually the scrotal sac that relaxes and allows the testes to fall. Exact methodology of the trait is not known, although beer is suspected.
Andy: Hey John, sure is hot today.
John: NO fooling. I just went to take a poo and my BLT hit the water!!!
by SoCo76 November 02, 2007
Big Lickable titties
Damn girl you got some BLTS
by shanerocks February 26, 2007
An acronym for "Bad Luck There"
W0ah BSHS blt! damn binkers

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