Big Left Testicle or Big Long Testicle is an inherited trait that is characterized by having a slightly larger left testicle that under certain conditions "hangs" lower than the right. A hot and humid environment such as a sauna, hot-tub, or humid day will cause the left testicle to appear significantly lower(up to 3 inches) than its counterpart. While this is the obvious visible symptom of BLT it is actually the scrotal sac that relaxes and allows the testes to fall. Exact methodology of the trait is not known, although beer is suspected.
Andy: Hey John, sure is hot today.
John: NO fooling. I just went to take a poo and my BLT hit the water!!!
by SoCo76 November 02, 2007
someone with "big, luscious titties."
mmm, put me some lettuce on that warm BLT, bia.
by j. ro October 23, 2003
The acronym BLT is used for many situations, including, but not limited to:

1.) Bacon Lettuce Tomato a.k.a the chillest sammich ever

2.) Butt Legs (and) Tits

3.) Brochachos (that) Love Teriyaki or BBLT Best Brochachos (that) Love Teriyaki

4.) Be Like That
1.) My girl just made the best BLT ever. I am too stuffed

2.) Bro 1: Dayyum that girl got BLT

Bro 2: Fo sho!

3.) Me and my bro are BLT's, we f!@#ing love Teriyaki!

4.) Oh so you're just gonna break up with me? Fine! BLT
by brochacho-es-numero-uno October 24, 2010
When you bust your load all over some girl's tittays, you text your buddy with "BLT" as you're leaving her apartment so he knows that you closed.
"Hey Simon: BLT. Just now, all over Avery. Such a ho."
by UofA SportsGuy January 18, 2009
blt = Be Like that
Me: lemme borrow ten dollars.
you: no way!
me: fine. blt
by miaoru January 09, 2009
brave little toasters

ska band from scv California

look'em up
Did you go see BLT last night?

YEAH!!! and they and a crazy circle pit!
by myfro13 August 25, 2008
Big Lickable titties
Damn girl you got some BLTS
by shanerocks February 26, 2007

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