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Nice tits, perfect shape with perfect cleavage
Normally said about a girl that is good looking and has the whole package
Can also be used in place of female when talking about the future
"Katie has some nice ass Tittays"

"I'm gonna get me some Tittays tonight"

"Tittays, I see some nice ass TITTAYS"

by SickSurfr December 18, 2006
Slang for tit, which, itself is slang. Tits are breasts, mammary production glands of the female gender of the human species, they come in all sizes, but most prefer the larger sized ones as they can be used as pillows or pleasurable devices.
Ur tittays are purrehttay!
by TittayMastar April 13, 2003
n. the plural of tyttay.
gimonstronourmous boobs.
look at that girl's tyttays, they got its gravitational pull.
by Spit September 07, 2004
titties so big that you gotta say tit-tays
damnn man check them titties out. Dude those arent titties...they're TIT-TAYS!

by creag December 27, 2005
How a Brit says titties.
Harry Potter: Bloody hell, Ron, your sister Ginny has great tittays! Her nipples are harder than 5-day old fish and chips.

Ron Weasley: Fuck you, Harry. You fucked my sister. Because a Harry Potter reference is totally relevant right now.
by Lord of the Chings March 06, 2014
mammory gland(s)of a female mammal; breast, also see boob, tit, titty,,ilk globe, etc.. best drawn out as long as possible
damn that girl got some big ole tit-tay's
by wjjr April 21, 2006
Amazing bouncy up towns that people like to lick/suck/touch/squeeze as much as possible!
Jeremy never passes up an opportunity to lick on some tittays.
by MissTittaysOS November 26, 2015
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