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An acronym for "Bad Luck There"
W0ah BSHS blt! damn binkers
Big Lipped Tosser
Somebody who was born with rather oversized lips and is generally a tosser is said to be a "Big Lipped Tosser" or "B.L.T"
by 3xplo!t January 25, 2012
(Big Loser Tactics)

1) Being a noob, snatching up multiple power weapons in an online multiplayer game, knowing full well that it is likely that you will die before using them. (i.e.-rocket launchers, snipers, shotguns, energys swords, gravity hammers, and the like). for instance, grabbing both the energy sword and gravity hammer in halo: reach, seing as they are both essentially the same weapon, and cannot be duel wielded, you are not only carrying a useless weapon, but possibly depriving a teammate of a deadly tool of destruction.

2) ACTUALLY BELIEVING you are a big enough bad ass to carry multiple power weapons.
Oh my god, he grabbed the rocket launcher too, we got us a BLT!
by leaflock October 01, 2010
Booty Licking Time
Booty Licking Time AKA BLT

Lay on your stomach get up on your knees

have your man open you asss
and start licking BIOTCH!!!
Yum Yum!!!!
No time limit.
If you do it right I'll think about doing you next.
by Yo Momma!!!!! May 26, 2010
the sandwitch alyssa should make Justin and Aaryn.
alyssa make me a fuckin blt.
by bigdickman121323432 February 24, 2010
Slapping a girl with a sandwich she just made.
"Hey girl, make me a sandwich"
"What the fuck, you just got bacon lettuce and tomatoes all over my tits!"

by Halcykon January 19, 2010
1. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

2. Bacardi, Lime and TaB soda
1. Uhh... Yes, I'll have a BLT with olives and hold the mayo.

2. Dude, I got the lime, lets make some BLT's!

by Rael105 July 10, 2008