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The main character of's "Tales from the Blode"
"How will we get to the seaside?" asked the centipide. "In my U-boat, of corse!" responed Blode.
by Ben the All-mighty Panda February 12, 2004
A bodyless head with spiky blond hair and black feet.
Blode was standing aroun. His brain was completly empty and he was completly happy
by Andrea January 03, 2004
Tales of teh blode
a really good series at
Blode digged a tunnel to the centre of the moon!
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
a magical goat found in the Himilayas
While hiking they ran into a pack of blodes.
by Iamamagicalgoat November 06, 2011
common: 1. a bloated chode
uncommon: 2. a choded bloat
1.charlie's chode is bloated. which means it's a blode.

2. tommy's stomach is bloated in a shape where it looks like a chode.
by moon August 01, 2004
a bulge in one's abdomen, often caused when imitating pregnancy.
"Look at my cute 'icle blode!"
by shroomy February 20, 2004
a blode is a like a chode but the other way round it is longer than it is wide therfore a rather avrige penis this word was come up with by me whilst i was thinking for a meaning i could put to the word blode because i had noticed its simalarity to the word chode
When a chode has an erection it stands most chance of breifly becoming a blode
by Sam January 08, 2005
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