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The best person in the world. Yey.
Look at Joylyn, she is the best person ever.
by Shroomy September 16, 2013
1) a random word created when playing scrabble at four in the morning.
2) a flick in someone's hair style.
3) a juddery or amusing movement.
4) a sexual act.
5) a pleasing or happy thing.
1) "carboxytrencromgashyhepoflism"
2) "can i borrow your hair straiteners? I want to flism my hair."
3) "it got run over and just kinda just flismed for a while before dying."
4) "he gave me a flism."
5) "wow, that was flismic!"
by shroomy February 20, 2004
a bulge in one's abdomen, often caused when imitating pregnancy.
"Look at my cute 'icle blode!"
by shroomy February 20, 2004
a townie girl. a teenage girl who wears her hair tied back so tight it neerly forces the eyes to jolt out of their sockets, usually becomes pregnant at the age of 13, drinks excessively and spawns more cloned chazzers and rude bois in run down council estates. fun!
me: stay away! that chazzer has herpes!
chazzer: oi! innit! yaz betta fawk awf or i'll fawkin scratch ya eyez out. i'll get me boyfriend on da lot of yaz!
by shroomy February 20, 2004
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