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18 definitions by moon

rhymes with door hinge
hey dumbass what rhymes with orange?

door hinge, i own u. AHAHAHA
by moon August 01, 2004
761 335
homer's failed attempt to build a bbq pit which actually turned out artistic.
homer spills wet concrete all over bbq pit building kit.

homer, "ok homer just calm down and read the instructions"
homer, "doh! english side ruined must read french instructions"
homer, "Le Grill?!!! WHAT THE HELL IS
by moon August 01, 2004
135 19
small smoking pipe that delivers approximately one lungful of smoke per loaded bowl.
yo pack a oney i'm too paranoid to use the bong.
by moon March 28, 2005
106 8
lesbians fingering my asshole
moon: lfmao
zheng: you dipshit u spelled lmfao wrong
moon: i meant lfmao, it means lesbians fingering my asshole
zheng: then, what does the o mean
moon: ( )o( ) = hole
by moon August 01, 2004
121 57
colors that induces seizures such as the consecutive flashing of red, blue, and green.
seizure colors make my brain bleed.
by moon August 01, 2004
32 9
term used in an invader zim episode to represent pure randomness.
do i get a pirate monkey?
by moon August 01, 2004
20 6
the analogy of anals.
when i grow up i want to become an analologist
by moon August 01, 2004
15 4