In the event one has a bowel movement so monstrous (and is unfortunately on the go, not near a public bathroom) that no other word is fit to describe the intense urgency and sheer pain it poses to the lower abdomen, blitz is used to punctuate this truly craptastic situation. It is a verb.

"Is the reason you're holding my hand so hard because you have to blitz?"
by The Noon July 07, 2012
Phrase coined from the show How I Met Your Mother.

The person who leaves right before something awesome happens. As soon as The Blitz leaves, something great happens and they all tell the Blitz about it in the morning.

Being the Blitz is a curse you don't want to have, making everyone believe that only the Blitz's departure will make the night exciting. The curse is usually passed from person to person.

Named for Matt Blitz who Ted and Marshall went to college with - left right before the school became co-ed.
The curse of the Blitz is passed on to Ted and the next morning he realizes he missed something.

Everyone: THE GENTLEMAN!!!
Ted: What was that?

Barney: Oh, Blitz, you had to be there.
Ted: I'm not the Blitz!
by morgz1 January 01, 2012
The act of consuming both alcohol and marijuana to achieve a unique combination of the two substances effects. When alcohol is consumed first this combination typically results in a marijuana high with more energy and less paranoia.
Last night we drank a 40 and smoked a blunt. I was blitz!
by k-dizzledanksta April 27, 2007
Blitz-Very cold

Used to describe weather conditions or how one is feeling.
1)Shit bruv! Its Blitz outside ya know.

2)Man, I'm bareBlitz!
by Skinny Boi March 29, 2005
A classic 1980's punk band.
We fight to live, we live to fight, we don't give a shit, what's wrong or what's right!
by Cyrus K March 28, 2004
When a bag head manages to kill you on call of duty 4
player1: "I'm gonna blitz you up"
player2:"omg you got blitzed!"
player3: "pwnt"
by VertRaxX February 23, 2010
To blitz something.
Mainly associated with interactng with something or doing something. Or even doing an organised session or tradition.
In the case below we are on about having a jam.
And playing pro evo 6.
Stef: "Yo Barns, it's stef man. What you up to?"
Banry: "Not alot bud, come up for a blitz?"
Stef: "Hell yer man it's been ages! i'll be up in 10"
Barny: "Sick! In a bit!"
Stef: "Love you haha!"
Barny: "...................."

Jack: "Stef man lets blitz pro evo innit!"
Stef: "Set it then you mug!"
Jack: "Shrek"
Stef: "............"

Stef: "Blates gunna blitz that party later man"
T.C: "Fo Sho!"
by Stefan Mark Guy Kimber September 06, 2007
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