Friend or comrade (derrives from an intoxicated individual attempting to say "Blud")
"Wagwan blitz" (whats happening friend)
by K&D April 19, 2006
A sexual word in which the male rushes into his partner's rear end, causing severe pain if in the anal.
Last night when we were having sex, I snuck a blitz on her.
by Jacob April 07, 2005
To escape somewhere quickly, or to consume something hurriedly.
"It's the police. I better blitz out of here."

"He blitzed through that bag of Funyuns.
by Fat Tony January 13, 2004
noob UT player
Blitz is a noob
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
Someone who is cursed and always misses the best stuff. To become the blitz you must stray from your group of friends.
Dude! You missed it! One of the beer pipes broke so there was free beer for everyone! Sorry, but I guess you are the new blitz.
by MonicaEGeller March 16, 2015

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