n. - Shortened form of the fitness blitz.

v. - To partake in a fitness blitz.
"Want another beer?"
"No thanks man, I just started my blitz."
"Oh, just for the new year?"
"Nah, I've been blitzing since Thanksgiving"
by MEEEEE KO January 20, 2008
when you and another person run to touch the door of the front seat of a car to get shot gun.
"oh hell no, blitz!"
*both dash to the car as fast as you can*
by shas May 25, 2006
To wipe out any sign that there was information there before.
I've just blitzed the pc.
by James Clark February 14, 2004
to run quickly or cover a large area in a small amount of time. Usually resulting in diving on the ground and getting floorburn
the volleyball player blitzed when she dug a cross-court ball.
by 9er September 26, 2005
Crazy, ill. Applies to an idea, not a person or place.
Man, smoking bongs, thats a blitz idea!
by Goodie October 21, 2002
A massive E-assault using AIM's warn feature, sending their warn level to 100% and rendering their screen name useless for a time.

A successful blitz can use as few as three people (or screen names) and be over in a matter of seconds.

No longer works due to upgrades in the system.
James was acting like a faggot so he got blitzed to 100%.
by Logan January 02, 2005
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