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When you rush things with a girl, you can be succesful or non-succesful. Used alot by cocky football jocks
Jock 1: Dude i heaed about you and Steph

Jock 2: She's so stiff but i decided to blitz and actually got a hand job
by Jock059 January 07, 2010
Blitz - to own someone.

When you win a football game, win an argument or just do a wegie on someone.
you win a football game:

"I blitzed your ass!"
by Kebabkurt March 25, 2008
When a guy is with a group of 5 or more girls and no other guys, he is said to be "blitzable". Another guy should then blitz him by tackling him to the ground.

Girls can be blitzed as well. This is not as common and is called a "party" by some.

Some people also argue that a guy only needs to be surrounded by 4 or more girls to be considered "blitzable."
Joe is sitting at a table of all girls. Someone should go blitz him!
by allowachick January 30, 2011
Salutation used by showboat rudeboys, when parting company.
Safe, 'blitz', im gone.

or simply... blitz!
by ski' b March 26, 2010
Doing a girl doggy style in front of a closet door with your buddy behind the door. When climaxing, yell "BLITZ!" and have your buddy come out of the closet and tackle the girl.
Football player 1: YES...YES...OOOOOOO! BLITZ! BLITZ!

Cheerleader: What the fuck!?

Football player 2: BLITZ! *BAM*
by Lucky Sumbitch August 06, 2008
When one calls "dibs", an opposing person may call blitz, leaving both parties to race to take off their pants the fastest. If one is not wearing pants, they lose by default
I want that monster, DIBZ!!


dude, put your pants back on, freak
by badazzzz June 13, 2013
In the event one has a bowel movement so monstrous (and is unfortunately on the go, not near a public bathroom) that no other word is fit to describe the intense urgency and sheer pain it poses to the lower abdomen, blitz is used to punctuate this truly craptastic situation. It is a verb.

"Is the reason you're holding my hand so hard because you have to blitz?"
by The Noon July 07, 2012