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Of being high or wasted to the extreme.
Dude man you've been smokin' too much your blitzed
by holl March 19, 2003
Simultaneously drunk and high, to the point of incoherency
God DAMN Dan just had 5 joints and ten shots of tequila... that's one blitzed motherfucker
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
An adjective, used when one is heavily under the influence, most often alcohol or marijuana.
"We were absolutely blitzed after finishing off that case of beer."
by Drew M. January 29, 2006
so high you cant even see straight!
Tra was so blitzed he fell down the stairs!
by tra ketcham April 02, 2007
Being extremely drunk/hammered/fucked-in-half.
"Dude I got so blitzed last night I was falling on my ass everywhere I went!"
by Sting0592 October 11, 2009
totally under the influence of some exterior and harmful force such as alcohol, marijuana, or MTV.
Dude, he's totally blitzed on weed.
by grey kim December 24, 2005
One step past being drunk or slizzard.
I'm gonna be BLITZED at tonight's bonfire
by KT NO DOTS August 20, 2010
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