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When its cold people on da streets say its 'Blitz'. This means Very Cold!
Eg. Oh my god bruva, its blitz.

Meaning...... Oh my God its very cold!!
by SMUDGER2001 April 30, 2008
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Blitz is when you get a job or a task done in as little amount of time as possible. Also used as a term of doing thing in a fast pace doing things fast.
Craig "we'll blitz thru the cleaning & piss of home".

Martin "k001 lets blitz it so i can get some lovin from the misses".
by Gino Chiarella May 16, 2006
40 30
a. The german translation for lighting. If it were to be a nickname, then it would be one for an individual who is known for their impressive speed.

b. A guy who will completely sweep you off your feet. He's very intelligent with a unique personality. Very handsome with a great athletic physique. Has the unbelievable ability to stay on your mind and remind you that you are completely and utterly in love with him...Even when you know it's time to move on. Very loving and caring. Don't break his heart...because the only thing you'll get in return is a heartbreak of your own.
"Hey! That guy is going really fast... must be Blitz."

"Blitz, you deserve someone who will make you ultimately happy. I wish you the very best."
by Tefa March 08, 2010
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The process, action of altering or modifying a piece of uniform so that the desired result is achieved. The desired result in a piece of hat brass would be the edges are worn down by sandpaper, or some of the detail is taken out by sandpaper. The desired result in a pair of shoes would be that they are very shiny. you can Blitz out other things such as a shirt by ironing it very well, you can blitz out a room by cleaning it very well.
Did you see how blitzed out his shoes were.

I' am blitzing a piece of hat brass.

Make sure that your room's are blitzed for inspection tomorrow.
by Patrick Boyle October 15, 2007
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It's the name given to a 5 min. game of tournament chess.
Tonight is a 6 round Blitz tournament at the chess club.
Each player has 5 min. on their clocks.
by LoneKiller December 16, 2012
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When someone "calls" something you can say blitz to counter their "call". U can also use the "no blitz" that's when you call something. In order to be safe u say "no blitz" so no one can "blitz" your call.
"I call shotgun."

I call shotgun no blitz
by Big chode April 10, 2012
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From HIMYM: If a blitz leaves the room, the laws of physics stop and the laws of awesome triple. Meaning, something awesome will happen.
- "We're totally going to have a movie night with soda and ice cream tonight!"
- "Naah, It's a good night for playing Super Mario Kart. Peace out!"
*a brief pause*
- "THAT NAKED CHICK JUST TOTALLY WALKED IN HERE! Blitz doesn't know what he missed.."
by Lightheaded November 24, 2010
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