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Simultaneously drunk and high, to the point of incoherency
God DAMN Dan just had 5 joints and ten shots of tequila... that's one blitzed motherfucker
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
A large game played over an extended period of time, usually by 10 or more people, and typically set in a college dorm. Players are secretly assigned the name of another player to "assassinate," that is, squirt with a water gun when the target is not looking and when no one else may see the shot. When the target is assassinated, the assassin inherits the target of the deceased, thus closing the circle. The game continues until only one assassin remains.
Jan assassinated Meredith, then got Cindy since she was Meredith's target, and is now chasing Giacomo and running from Tyler. What a game!
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
1.) On top of things, in control of the situation

2.) Incredibly good-looking, referring to males
She ran exactly on schedule... she's on point.

Holy SHIT he's on point! Look at that ass!
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
Riding in the trunk of someone's car due to lack of room.
Erika's tiniest, she gets to ride dead hooker.
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
Home of Kevin Smith and sight of the "New Jersey trilogy," consisting of all five Jay and Silent Bob movies.
I'm bored. Let's hit Red Bank and chill on broad street.
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
1.) The fictional disease, based loosely off Ebola, which appeared in the movie Outbreak. It was later referenced in an episode of Clerks: the Animated Series.

2.) Any "bug" which afflicts masses of people living in close proximity--typically college dorms, offices, etc--with no explainable cause or origin.

3.) A "bug" which is more psychological than physical, and spreads rapidly amongst people with little to no physical contact.
1.) "With God as my witness, Monkey, you will NOT infect this town with your deadly Motaba virus." - Randall, Clerks

2.) "The entire third floor of Palevsky Central Hall is infected with some kind of Motaba Virus or something--they've all been vomiting for two days. Wonder who started it."

3.) "Steve hasn't been in Japanese class for nearly a week but I could've sworn I saw him with his new Asian girlfriend. Must be the deadly Motaba virus."
by mei0023 May 04, 2005
The need to make one large curving right in order to make a left. The road branches and loops around onto itself, thus crossing the intersection straight instead of making a left.
Alright, go up route 35 north and take the first jug handle on the left after Red Bank. That should bring you to Oak Hill.
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
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