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a rare and precious being
see also pudden
you're a real leena.
by fiona January 02, 2004
Someone who is good looking.
"He is buff!"
by Fiona June 23, 2003
Someone who is ugly.
"He is buttaz!"
by Fiona June 23, 2003
when you are smoking weed.
me and sam are blazin.
by fiona May 12, 2003
(n.) A sexual encounter with a man other than one's boyfriend or significant other. 'Scotty' -- though once a specific reference to an individual with that name -- acts as the universal nomenclature for the unsuspecting boyfriend-in-question. From the movie Eurotrip.

(v.) To perform a scotty doesn't know. Usually used in present progressive or past tense -- i.e., "scotty-doesn't-knowing" or "scotty-doesn't-knowed".
(n.) Jack's girlfriend affords me the occassional scotty doesn't know.

(v.) Julie is scotty-doesn't-knowing her boyfriend every Friday.
by Fiona December 08, 2004
a person that is being really bitchy
Oh my gosh, Ms. Wallingtosh was being such a snit to me in class today!
by Fiona December 09, 2004
a wonderful, amazing, sweet, intelligent man-god
"I wish my guy was a tatsugikai"
by fiona December 08, 2003

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