Bloody fart. The inevitable and scary evolution of the shart.
After a long night of boozing and man sex, Doogie Howser blarted in his scrubs.
by Blart survivor February 19, 2010
A Loud squeaking fluttering fart sound made from the combination of seat and ass on a wheelchair, rascal, or in some cases any seat. Originally a fart on a rascal characterized by the special sound of a "seat fart" and now the meaning and application has been expanded.
"What's that sound? And what the fuck is that smell Randy?" "Bro, it's that old lady in the rascal, she just blarted. Can't you Hear that squeak? It's still going."

"Did you hear that blurt from that fat guy riding the rascal?"
by Solomacn November 20, 2012
A bubblicous fart. For example : If you are sitting down and you fart, the bubble creeps up your crotchral region and it is then a blart
Jim - "Pthooot"
Dave - "Damn dude what was that?"
Jim - "I just blarted"
by Dfunkalicious October 17, 2009
a large, unintended defecation that occurs when one relaxes the anal sphincter to fart

(a combination of "big loud fart". Also derived from the slang term, "shart")
"OMG, how embarrassing! As I sat down, I blarted hella loud during class =( "
by RR_StreetRat July 31, 2009
1. an anticipated flatus (fart) expelled through the anus, but resulting in a large expulsion of feces.

2. a big, lurid, shart.
I really gotta go badly!!! (blart)

Oops! Too late.. I blarted. =/
by Dardrew July 30, 2009
1. Onomatopoeia. A spoken exchange experienced during a sexual climax.

2. The description of a male orgasm, used to defame women.
1. I'm gonna blaaaaarrrrrrrrt!

2. Steven blarted on Lisa's face as they watched "Paul Blart: Mall Cop."
by adamKENNY311 December 07, 2009
any kind of security guard or rent-a-cop
my dad lost his job, so now he's a part-time blart at the Staples center
by WordMongrel June 04, 2009

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