After the act of anal sex, the woman shoots the ejaculate out of her anus and snorts it like a line of coke.
Dude shelly has been blarting me for weeks!
by PdotJ5ive January 12, 2011
The act of a male and female chest being pressed togeter making a seeming flatulent sound. Usually done during intercoarse.

The two lovers were wrestling when the boobs where pressed against the chest of the male the male mistankenly thought the woman had farted but was really blarting.
by the lovers April 27, 2009
the act of raising and lowering your leg/knee under blanket while farting so as to woft the fart gas into your partners face.
damn it, John! quit blarting or i'll sew your ass shut!
by NATeDoog August 14, 2008
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