A queef (or vagina fart) while menstruating. Causes a gush of blood and gurgling sound.
"Shena was having a heavy period. Only sex would make it all better. Jeff wanted to fuck her doggy style. This made Shena BLART. Jeff laughed as the blart vibrated his penis and spritzed blood against his abdomen.
by Bizzy C January 09, 2009
Accidental bloody discharge when trying to fart.
I had to change my underware after I blarted.
by Ted E. July 08, 2005
The sound issued by bovines
The cows blarted endlessly as they waded the frass.
by moopups August 30, 2003
Large hairy animal. This beast makes up for its below-average intelligence with an above average size. Experts disagree about whether the size is due to muscle or fat.
Blart drank eight beers before retiring for the night.
by pledge prez March 08, 2005
When you go to fart blood come out. It is a mixture of the word blood and fart hence "blart"
Oh my god, I was sitting at a meeting and this dude started to blart everywhere.
by James M. December 08, 2005
A blart is five pounds of excrement, in a three pound jar.
The whole deal is a blart: we would have to give away the whole farm, including all our implements.
by Patrick Darnell August 29, 2007
The combination of "blotch" and "fart" that was given to the occurance when one would expell a blast of moist gas from their anus making a blotch in their undergarment.
As Patti was making salads at Pizza Hut, she blarted and ended up getting a damp spot in her panties and requested that she go home early to refreshen up.
by Aeryck July 05, 2005

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