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This is used by jamaicans to describe when someone's high off weed. meaning dozed,alive,laidback.
kingston boy- wha gwan u kool?
country boy- yeah mi ahrite u kno.
kingston boy- u sure cah u sound like u a bun my yute, u sound frass!lol
country boy- yeah mi frass but mi ahrite doh.
by jamaican beauty April 11, 2007
Other word for extremely ugly or unattractive. Usually reserved to describe males. See Owly.
"Man, that whiteboy is so frass, how could he get any girls?"
by George Payne April 12, 2008
A combination of feistiness and sass. Often used when someone is giving major attitude.
Johnny was giving major frass to his roommate, giving him major attitude all week.
by steviedeezie April 02, 2010
Noun: used when overweight females wear pants that are so tight that the front of their lower bodies resemble an "ass" or "front-ass." Also known as a "FRASS."

The Founder of the FRASS. BranfordPFT
She want it she gunna get it!!

Damn that FRASS be looking tight today.

Dude check that frass out

Where do you buy tan pants that that makes you have two asses?

Are those pants airbrushed? let me get that number?
by Branford PFT March 28, 2012
Piece of ass just behind the taint when looking past her vagina from the front.
That Norwegian cross country skiers tight ski suit accentuates her fjord like frass.
by Thor Higherball February 13, 2014
The accumulation of fat above the pubic area but just below the waist line. It basically is a 'front ass'. Join the two words and you have 'frass'.
"Bro, you see that fat guy walk by?"
"Yeah, man. He had a frass the size of his real ass."
by [the] Blind_Bandit November 28, 2011
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