1. - The wet sound a vagina makes when a penis or other object is removed from it at speed. Caused by the expulsion of air from the vagina.

2. - This term is now commonly used as slang for attractive females.
1. - Jed quickly pulled out of Heidi, 'Blaaart'.

Jed "What the fuck was that?"

Heidi "Er, nothing".

2. - Pete "This pub is wall to wall Blart"

Jon " It sure is, shouldn't be a problem getting our dicks wet tonight".
by DrkZ May 08, 2010
A large fart that has a slightly melodic sound, like a stone being dropped in a lake on a cool, summer's morning, somewhere in the Northeast woods of Maine.
Dude, did you drop a deuce in the ocean?
Naw, man, just a blart. A nice, healthy blart.
by bobbittyboo April 05, 2011
When someone is on their period and they're wearing a pad, and they fart. Like a shart, (Shitty Fart) except involving period blood.
Michael: Oh my god, did you hear that?
Nicki: Yeah, that was me. I farted.
Michael: Aren't you on your period?
Nicki: Yah, why?
Michael: Gurl, you just blarted.
by peterpiperpickedapeckofpickles November 29, 2009
1. Women collectively, particularly the selection of women inhabiting a given location or establishment.
2. The female reproductive gash.
1. Bloody hell, James! This place is crawling with blart.
2. It smells like your mum's blart in here.
by definitely not alex April 26, 2009
When a woman is on her period and wearing a maxi pad queefs and blood comes out
i can't believe I blarted at the post office today! It literally sounded like blowing bubbles into a cup of milk with a straw.
by Krazykay420 April 19, 2015
The fart that you let out that is really going around the poop that is already in your butt hole. It is the few farts you usually let out on the way to the bowl if it is just a bit too far. As they go around the poop in your butt and come out they stink worst than most normal farts.
The poop is kind of blocking the fart...hence the word "BLART"
Bro, don't by the copy machine. I just blarted over there on the way to the bathroom
by moffboy September 25, 2013
Bloody fart. The inevitable and scary evolution of the shart.
After a long night of boozing and man sex, Doogie Howser blarted in his scrubs.
by Blart survivor February 19, 2010
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