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One of the many grades of lard in fast food production, particularly kebab retailers. Discovered by a G Nicholson (UK) c.1993

Category A-Lard or alard
Category B-Lard or BLARD...

Extending up to Gamma-Lard (a theoretical Lard found under the fingernails of kebab shop owners).
"that meat was very high in blard."
by platform strange October 16, 2007
An inept or clueless blind person, combining blind and retard. Also used to refer to a blind person doing something socially awkward, such as tripping over a chair or dropping a plate of food. The use comes primarily from other blind people and is used jokingly.
Man, Tim looked like a real blard when he ran into that little girl with his tray.
by Joey Zee March 11, 2008
adj. 1. boring out of your mind.
2. tasting bad, so bad, 99% of people may spit it out the minute it is put in your mouth.
3. stupid; idiotic.
4. pathetic, in the worst way.
So blard... pathetic.
by crazycracker1021 November 15, 2010
1. n. Someone who is a blind retard
2. adj. A stupid thing that a blind person does.
Matt and JJ were such blards when they didn't realize they had walked in to the wrong restaurant. That was a blard thing that Mike did when he walked in to the wrong person's hotel room.
by cynthialynn May 30, 2009
To get big and fat due to the aging process.(combines big and lard),going beyond the weight we put on as we age.
" Hey Kent... have you seen Nate lately.... Dude is turning into a blard.".....
by jenny and nate September 02, 2005
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