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when a guy is having sex with a girl, doggy style and his penis slips out upon trying to be thrust in.
I was banging this chick real fast doggy style and i kept getting the slip out.
by nicky v. July 14, 2006
To leave a function without telling anyone you are leaving.
Has anyone seen Lewis? He must have slipped out.
by N Jacobs June 23, 2004
1. Nip Slip
2. Bra strap/ panties showing
she suffered a slip out in the party yesterday
by bianca267 January 05, 2014
When you stand up for a pee and diarrhea slips out of your anus onto the floor. Usually when having violent diarrhea.
I just had a slip out. We need to clean the floor.
by 124scratch April 02, 2014
when a turd comes out of your butt unexpectedly.
I ate a whole cheese pizza and was walking home when I had the worst case of diarrhea come on and I couldn't hold it, so I had a slip out.
by J.E.F. & R.M.K. September 26, 2011
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