A genre of music named from the combination of "black" and "pop", "black" and "rap", or "black", "pop", and "rap". It refers to each of the above music combination genres.

Most common in today's top 40s stations.
Today on BET, I heard a lot of blap. Man I hate that laffy-taffy song.
by Doop Snogg May 07, 2008
a Borred Slap ie. being slapped on the forehead
OMG she just Blapped me!

Shut up or i'll Blap you!
to buy or sell illicit drugs, to score drugs.
i just blapped some stuff, wanna party?
by jokuhl July 26, 2008
To get caught up by the police.
let's cut, i'm not tryin to get blapped.
by OKG July 10, 2008
1. A comical, grotesque noise blurted out by someone performing fellatio who has justed gagged on a penis; caused by accidentally swallowing too much of a penis shaft in an attempt to deepthroat.

2. The comical noise released when someone performing fellatio gags on a penis.
Jane: I tried to deepthroat Jimmy last night while i was blowing him but swallowed too much penis and gagged.

Sqhaniqua: Girl, thats a BLAP!!!!

Jimmy: Yo son, Jane blapped on my mans last night. I was kind of embarrassed for her.

Tom: Some girls just cant handle the deepthroat dawg!
by Everybody Blap Your Mans! July 20, 2009
for one to have excessive blappage or blappagry.
the art of blapping upon ones face, genitals, or anus.
To excreet bodily fluids into ones face, genitals, or anus
ZT was on the dance floor tryin to get his dick blapped.

by younglacey March 29, 2008
a piece of fake crack,anything that can be passed of as a rock to the unwary buyer
i sold em two blaps for forty and the dumb motherfucker came back and bought another
by e-z- money September 28, 2003

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