A time when usually everyone is asleep except tweekers. Around 4:30 am
They were out there working on the boat at blap thirty
by Crankey August 18, 2015
The art of slapping someone across the face with your penis, then they become your bitch.
Shaggs was pissing me off so I blapped him with my meatsword. He is now my bitch, I pwned him.
by The Holy Diving Troll November 06, 2013
refers to the sound that a males penis makes when he hits it against a females face
She was talkin dirty so I blapped her
by duder October 04, 2003
Blapping is a way of describing a sudden surge of proficiency in a first-person shooter. It doesn't mean you perform poorly normally, it's just a way of expressing that you are particularly satisfied with your performance. It's most often used shortly into a round after enough time to evaluate whether it's going to be a "good" or "bad" game in terms of your performance.

The term derives satirically from rap and hip-hop music where rappers use it as an onomatopoeic representation of gun (usually handgun) blasts. Alternatively, it may derive from being a jackass and yelling it out the window of a moving vehicle trying to scare pedestrians.

The need for the word can be partially attributed to the fact that "pew pew" isn't appropriate for conventional, non-energy weapons, and thus an equally expressive sound was needed for firearms.
Wow I'm blappin' on fools this round!

I just blapped this dude so hard!

I'm about to get my blap on!
by DriftEJ20 May 16, 2011
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