1. To "have a go" at or on something.
2. To go somewhere/drive somewhere.
1. Let's have a blap on your motorbike, mush!
2. I'm gonna blap up the shop to get some growlers.
by CRACKBABY August 23, 2003
Name of an up and coming rap group from the LUTON AREA AN' TING!
Blap your mother,
blap your mothers mother.
Blap your mothers mothers pet budgie.
by Tommie C and MC Sween November 27, 2003
The act of slapping someone across the face with your penis. They then become your property.
Drive by Blapping. Too slap someone in the face with your meat-sword from a vehicle. It is extremely embarrassing for the blapper and blappie.

Tim got blapped by Charley, Tim is now Charley's bitch.
by Dave202020 May 20, 2016
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