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Blap, a sound, not to be mistaken for "blat" which is failed attempted at copying blap.
by TheRealBlapBlapPewPEw May 13, 2011
2 8
Passing gas, a fart
The sound made when farting

Origin: First heard in 1977, upstate New York
I had Chili John's for lunch, but it really made me blap.

Dude, those beans really make you blap.
by the big blapper August 29, 2011
2 10
1) BLAP is a self-defining word. Use it whenever seems appropriate, it should roll off your tongue smoothly and convey your meaning whether the listener knows the word or not.
2) CyberBLAP
I am balpping my face off right now!

+Verb blapped that last set hard!

The lights about to turn red, you're going to have to blap right through...
by Tate Slater July 04, 2011
2 10
A word first formed by an internet user when new Steam chat reply sounds were added after an update. The user described the new sound as a "Blap". It's used when people do not want to say anything about something or when they do not know what to say when something happens. This word is also used when people feel uncomfortable about doing something.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, wanna go over Adam's house?"

Guy 2: "blap..."
by MrDandy66 February 20, 2011
6 14
A music genre, also called blog rap.
Are you gonna come out with us or just stay in your room listening to blap like you always do..?
by blapergod01 May 30, 2011
2 11
to bump and slap music really loud, especially with extra hard basslines, while dancing and having the best time of your life. may or may not involve the following: turntables, hot chicks, crunk juice, beach, special occasion, friends
Let's BLAP! Blappin is so much fun! We were blapping so hard at the beach with our turntables! It was totally blappin in that club! We should go to blapaholics anonymous meetings. But blapping is my favorite thing to do, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it...BLAP!
by PapaGradez July 09, 2010
39 49
shooting your mouth off when you're an obvious dumb fuck.
Jethro: "Eminem is a great lyricist, but he sucks".
Bobby: "What the fuck? You are a dumb ass. Check that mouth of yours before you blap".
by elitewan June 10, 2009
3 15