a Borred Slap ie. being slapped on the forehead
OMG she just Blapped me!

Shut up or i'll Blap you!
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Top Definition
The act of slapping someone across the face with your penis. They then become your property
Drive by Blapping. Too slap someone in the face with your meatsword from a vehicle. It is extremely embarssing for the blapper and blappie.
Tim got blapped by charley, Tim is now Charley's bitch.
#blp #blapp #cockslap #cockdrop #meatswipe
by Morga morga May 04, 2006
to hit or slap someone round the face.
"i'm gonna blaps you up good"
by taxi August 20, 2003
To slap your cock against a woman's face.
Chan: I blap'd her!*BLAP*
by Tommy C July 07, 2005
to smack someone in the face !!
blaps u on da head blad
by MrW January 31, 2005
refers to the sound that a males penis makes when he hits it against a females face.
oh you mean Justin Blaptist?
#blappy #jblap #blaptist #blapdog #blappin
by blajman October 11, 2010
The sound of your speakers when you are slappin bass.
Turn up the bass till you hear the speakers blap.
#slap #blapper #bass #speakers #knock
by JaySteeze January 02, 2015
A term commonly employed by chavs or a similar sub-species to describe the hitting or slapping of an individual in the face.

Due to the nature of chavs worldwide, the grammar of the sentence will be embaressingly incoherent and include a vast combination of other nonsensities. As a cause of the limited intelligence of said scum it is widely believed NOT to be an amalgumation of the two standard english words "bang" and "slaps".

This word is most usually used by the ringleader of a "crew" when threatening an unsuspecting, inoffesive member of the general public.
"i is gunna blaps u up good ((mun cos u is dissin ma homies/mum)- innit, bruv, safe, blud, bling, spec, baccus)"
#chav #slap #hit #innit #safe #bling #spec
by anne on a mouse November 11, 2005
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