blah: nothing much going on, boring, stagnant, dull, indecisive
this is a blah day.
by Jacob May 20, 2004
Usually meaning that the weather is cold.
It's fucking bla out here
by Smokey February 20, 2004
A school in massachusetts, Boston Latin Academy, it is one of the three exam schools. The other two exam schools include Boston Latin School and The John D' Obryant (the obryant)
guy #1: where do you go to school?

guy#2: im over at bla.
by bostonkid7 June 01, 2009
British Lobbying Association. It's primary goal is to make lack of dental hygiene acceptable in modern society.
Hate brushing your teeth? Never floss? Donate to the B.L.A. and support the cause!
by InjusticeForAll August 23, 2006
B-la is short for B-Legit. A bay area rapper formerly known for his association with rap group The Click. A B-La Blunt is two blunts rolled together to equal one long extended blunt.
"When you go to the store, grab me two Swisher Sweats so I can roll a B-la.
by verbal719 April 10, 2011
a placeholder for anything you could happen to feel like saying
you are bla.
by rockintom99 March 26, 2004
Word used in German for a word u don't know at the moment
A: Where are we going to?
B: You know, we're going to bla.
by blafasel August 09, 2006
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