Abbreviation for Boys Lover Anonymous, typically used for girls(or I guess it could be guys too) who can't stop loving boy's no matter how stupid they are-ALL THE TIME
Person 1: Hey, where's insert name?
Person 2: Oh, BLA. They can't stop loving boys.
by BLA president February 24, 2009
boring word. bla bla bla bla bla... it's sooo boring. blabla bla bla bla.... boring people use this term commonly
sfdgsfdfdssfgfdsdffgd bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
by psuedoreality March 24, 2005
it decribes bordeom or not caring whotsoever. it can also decribe in both real life and the wierd tv show spongebob squarpants saying somthing worthless
hey sup bla last night i bla and also bla the bla bla bla bla (who cares)0_o
by rap and rock January 29, 2005
1.word directed at some one is mad

2.something funnt
bla you
by neala December 06, 2002
1. dyke ass whore who does sexual favors for crack
2. RJ's lover
3. Thinks she's a sexpert but...isn't.
Hey Bla, you do sexual favors for crack...or money to buy crack.
by WeHateYou April 25, 2005
Synonym:Unreasonably poor, weak, garbage, suck, something that you never want, the least desirable phenomena.

Antonym: Legit, Dope, Sexy, Sick, Badass, Awesome, Sweet.
I just failed my midterm.
That shit was so blas.
by Prof. MAJK August 12, 2009

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