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not knowing what is going on

by neala December 06, 2002
said when you are very board and day dreaming
by neala December 06, 2002
a greeting word
"Hi freak."
by neala December 10, 2002
something that teachers to kill us

(if you sit in the back you can get away not doing it)
i HATE homework
by neala December 19, 2002
1.word directed at some one is mad

2.something funnt
bla you
by neala December 06, 2002
a round food u would find a dunkin doughnuts
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm doughnut."
by neala February 02, 2003
for people who dont understand that
# used to find circumfrence of a circle
by neala December 06, 2002
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