Slang for big titties, or breasts. Originally derived by switching the first letters of 'big' and 'titties' in the phrase 'bil ol' titties', when drunk. Used primarily in the Southeastern US.
"Damn! That girl got some tig ol' bitties!"
by Ma1agate September 22, 2004
A word used by a character in the second series of the comedy show little Britain that means breast milk. From his mother. Oh, and the character is an adult. Yep, its sick. But most amusing.
son: Mum, how long till dinner?
Mum: Oh about an hour.
son: But I am hungry now!
Mum: You will have to wait!
son: ... bitty?
Mum: Oh, ok then. Come here...

*suck suck suck*
by Naga September 07, 2004
1.a girls/girls you don't like{replacement of whore;bitches;etc.}
2.a girl you tryna get with
1.Fuck them Erie bitties
2.Yo I'm really feelin the bittie
by Shaunte February 08, 2008
large breasts, usually of the female kind.
dman boi, she got some bitties right dherre
by Jazz2 May 30, 2007
noun, Something that is stupid or awkward.
"My teacher is giving me some bitty homework."
"Dude that was bitty when my mom caught me wacking off."
by Matty_C March 06, 2004
Defined: usually involved with hangin out with a group of some bangin ass hoes , who know how to get shit poppin.
Dude A: Whats good son?

Dude B: Nuttin man chillin with some BITTIES.

Dude A: o thats how u get shit poppin.

Dude B: tru tru
by jr3117 September 08, 2006
big ass titties
damn, jenna jameson got some nice bitties
by Greg September 01, 2003
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