Bitties are little bits of heaven that you want to just nibble on... Generally speaking, they are attractive, young women who are slightly shorter and smaller in size. Coming from the words 'bits', one thinks of small bite sized women when referring to bitties.
Example: Oh man, look at all of those bitties!

Example: I'd love to have a taste of that bitty!
by Rynych November 03, 2009
A word used by a 30 year old character in the sketch show Little Britain when he wants to get breast fed. And not just by his mother. The nana-bitty scene was very disturbing.

The word originate as it was a mix of breast and titty.

Now's not the time dear.

I'm hungry. Bitty.

by Lambchops November 30, 2004
1.a girls/girls you don't like{replacement of whore;bitches;etc.}
2.a girl you tryna get with
1.Fuck them Erie bitties
2.Yo I'm really feelin the bittie
by Shaunte February 08, 2008
A word often used by Joe Laukaitis and associate Sam Gaetano meaning any person of the female race. Often yelled by Joe to show astounding attraction to a woman or bordeness.
SAM check out dem bitties!!!!
by Jaravis July 30, 2007
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