Bitties are little bits of heaven that you want to just nibble on... Generally speaking, they are attractive, young women who are slightly shorter and smaller in size. Coming from the words 'bits', one thinks of small bite sized women when referring to bitties.
Example: Oh man, look at all of those bitties!

Example: I'd love to have a taste of that bitty!
by Rynych November 03, 2009
a respectable and attractive female
"damn check out that bitty over there!"
by red the ceo August 25, 2007
Bitch Titties, Big 'ol bittes: see tig bitties
Suckin on dat bitty last friday
by The du, lu September 06, 2008
A word often used by Joe Laukaitis and associate Sam Gaetano meaning any person of the female race. Often yelled by Joe to show astounding attraction to a woman or bordeness.
SAM check out dem bitties!!!!
by Jaravis July 30, 2007
A term used to describe a girl.
"I hooked up with a hot bitty"
by Nikkicole- November 18, 2006
Used to describe a girl or woman.
Check out that fine bitty.
by resk March 01, 2005
Slang for big titties, or breasts. Originally derived by switching the first letters of 'big' and 'titties' in the phrase 'bil ol' titties', when drunk. Used primarily in the Southeastern US.
"Damn! That girl got some tig ol' bitties!"
by Ma1agate September 22, 2004

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