Short for bitter. Originated in Encinitas in North County San Diego by a group of friends who attended San Dieguito High School.
" I was so bitty last night when you punched me."

"Jakes house was raging, but he was a little bitty that we were loud."

"im so bitty that I lost my wallet."
by WondiesBra5 April 21, 2008
back titties. zits on your back. preferably, huge, swelling whiteheads that you cant pop cuz you cant reach them cuz theyre like right in the middle of your back.
"ew want me to pop a couple of them bitties for you?"
by Peep this September 04, 2006
Back Titties. B for back and itties for titties.
The youth has some huge bitties that smell like shit.
by NickPbc June 06, 2005
testicals or balls that are as big as titties. (Usually happens when swollen or just when you are hung like a horse.) Came from the word balls and titties.
When my friend hit me in the balls, I grew a pair of bitties.
by niko the homie September 06, 2006
A Man that has really big man boobs. almost big enough to be mistakenly considered as female boobs.
Hey Frank has big man boobs so we call him bitties.
by mogger5 July 12, 2005
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