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Any person usually a male who insist in makein his presence known where ever he goes usually resulting in everyone think hes a complete douchebag.
Dickweed: wow im the best beer pong player ever

Group: wow this fuckin kids a god damn dick weed.
by jr3117 September 08, 2006
Defined: When a morbily obest lady tucks her fat into spandex.
Lady : wow i lookk fat in the spandex ..i'll just tucket
by jr3117 September 08, 2006
Defined: usually involved with hangin out with a group of some bangin ass hoes , who know how to get shit poppin.
Dude A: Whats good son?

Dude B: Nuttin man chillin with some BITTIES.

Dude A: o thats how u get shit poppin.

Dude B: tru tru
by jr3117 September 08, 2006

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