bitty; diminutive form of bitch. Used to describe girls under the legal age of consentual sex. Generaly indicating that the girl is attractive and you have an interest in porking her.
dude 1 -"holy shit, that is one hot bitch"
dude 2 - "man, she's 16."
dude 1 - "hey, I don't care if she's a bitty. If there ain't grass on the field, flip 'er over and play in the dirt"
by penguincolor July 24, 2004
shortened word for back titty-referring to the tags of back fat under shoulder blades.

(b from back itties from titties)
holy crap that man is so fat that he has bitties
by jukeypenis April 07, 2007
An Extremely voluptuous woman\dime\bitch. She can also be falacious. Meaning she enjoys long suckings of penis.
Fortin:" Dude you see Amber Hancock?!"
Yusuf:" Yeah she's a mad bitty!"
Yusuf:" Let's rape her!"
by Clake August 22, 2005
person who laughs at everythioong and will probably laugh as im typing this!
that bitty is so annoying she laughs whe old people fall!
by Jill January 30, 2004
a nick name for your girlfriend or a bitches in general
come on bitty suck my dick
by twat aka oom3th0doo December 01, 2003
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