While it can mean a woman, bitty can also refer to countless other nouns. For instance, any person, place, or thing.
What's up hot bitty?
It is cold up in this bitty.
What is that bitty on your shelf?
Pass me that bitty.
by Ceeb February 24, 2009
Bitties (Plural)

...Bitches with titties.
Common phrases:
Person A: Dude, I hear you're just rakin' in the poon lately.
Person B: Yeah dawg, the bitties are flowin'!
by Q Master December 16, 2009
a nicer name for somebody with big tits

combinations of the words big and titty

big ol' tittys
tig ol's bittys

check out that bitty jay!

i wanna get dome from that bitty!
by thisisnotsanjay January 04, 2005
Bitch with titties.
"Have you seen my boyfriend?"
"Ya, is that him over there with that bitty?"
by Rgile July 25, 2009
the most amazing girl ever born
that girl is a true bitty!
by brwnichik September 08, 2008
Bitty is slang for lady firends That fool around with other guy friends, Or Just girls Straight up. Rooted from the word bitch or bitches
Lets pick up some bitties tonight.
by Mark Westinghouse October 14, 2007
like the little britain example but when you do it with your "partner" not your mum or nan.
ben wanted bitty from jess
by beep March 25, 2005

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